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Dress: New Line Store – Mya includes stockings

Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Chromatica collection

Shoes: N-core – Stilleto

Skin: DeeTaleZ

Hair: +Spellbound+ – Blue Velvet


Continuing with Continuum

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Meet Alice and Alba -your new go to outfit for that casual sexy chic look.  Alice is a top and skirt combination which is available in black, red and purple.  The skirt is short with soft uncreased  and cute suspenders.

Alba shoes have lace inserts and stiletto heel.


Continuum Inworld location

Sophistication from Continuum

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Day at the office to an evening date, the Simone should be your go to outfit.  Below the knee skirt with either a lace top or matching blouse give you options to change as you please.

The top has sheer lace which is accented on the skirt as well and is fitted for all the popular mesh bodies.


Cute & a little Sassy

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Continuum’s new styles are just that – cute n sassy.

Satin and shiny is the Gabrielle available in blue, red and pink accented with a gold belt.  Available for all the mesh bodies and is the exclusive for the Designer Event through December.


Now for the Sassy, is the Elena.  Short, sexy, alluring with side slits and lace top.  Available in several colors of black, pink, red, blue, white, purple.  One of my new luvs. Pair this with the Laura pumps featuring a peep toe platform, stiletto heel and lace up ankle cuff.

Elena3Elena2Elena backLaura pumps

Continuum Inworld link


BOSL Fashion Fall 2018

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There’s always that one or two, well ok, three or four outfits that catch your eye.  The Monica from Ema’s Secret is one of those for me.  So soft and just the right amount of drape silkyness designed into the dress which is available in multiple colors and popular mesh bodies.

Available now as part of BOSL Fashion week.

Ema Monica BOSL Fashion 2Ema Monica BOSL Fashion

BOSL Landmark

Ema’s Secret Landmark

BOSL Trending Fall 2018 Part 2

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One of my favorite designers  – Azul is a participant in BOSL Trending.  Azul has created this lovely fur jacket and pleated miniskirt outfit that is to “almost” die for.  We don’t want you to actually die then you couldn’t get to wear the outfit  🙂

The fur jacket comes in either cheeta or zebra pattern with several different colors as a base color.  The skirt is your perfect black that compliments so many options in your wardrobe.  Finishing the outfit are the cutest booties also in black.


BOSL Trending Landmark

Azul Landmark

BOSL Trending Fall 2018 Part 1

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Of the fabulous designers supporting BOSL this fall is Son!a with the Lori gown.

Form fitting and alluring with the just the perfect amount of cleavage and bare back cutouts, this gown is available for all the popular mesh bodies in several colors and textures.

Lori BOSL TrendingLori BOSL Trending 2

BOSL Trending Landmark

Son!a Landmark