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SWANKy Glamour

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In time for the March SWANK event is this new design from Shine Mesmer and Glitter Fashions  – the Liz minidress.  Available in 5 colors, the Hollywood cocktail inspired full skirted dresses is pure glamour.  Strapless top with a skirt overlay that you can choose to wear or not  as it’s all about you and your glamorous style.

Glitter Liz

Glitter @ SWANK Inworld location

Lace is for Lovers

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Perfect for the month of Love is the new lingerie from Glitter Fashions and Shine Messmer.  The Closer has ruffled top and matching panties giving your partner that alluring cheekage peekage that’s sure to light their fire.

Offered in several classic and bright colors, the mesh only lingerie can be purchased in a fat pack with texture hud or as a single color.


Glitter Fashion Inworld


Lure Take Two

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Glitter and Shine Messmer have updated one of my favorite dresses – The Lure in a see through lace.  Offered in multiple colors, if you liked the original you’ll love this new version.

LURE See through Lace available in  Fitmesh in 5 standard sizes and for Maitreya, Slink and Hourglass body mesh and 6 colors.

For those that maybe are on the shy side, easy to find some pasties to cover up those special body spots so no need to worry about the sheerness.


You’ll find this fabulous dress inworld and marketplace

Glitter Fashions




Vintage from Petit Chat

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New from Petit Chat is the Vintage Bow necklace available in both a thin or thick style.  Add to the styling fun, the necklace can be modified – color, texture.




Petit Chat Inworld Store

A Hunting we will go…

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Moolto hunt that is.. beginning Feb 1 ending March 1.  Glitter Designs and Shine Messmer are participating in the fun and offering the casual chic knit minidress as the hunt prize.

The Peggy dress featured in beige is just fun… fun to wear, fun to be seen in, and fun to style.  This is one hunt prize that you will keep and wear over and over again.

I accessorized the dress with the Candelight necklace from Chop Zuey.


As a reward for reading my entire blog… I’ll give you a clue for the hunt located in inside the Glitter store…..

Hint is…..A couple… one brown and one black..

Glitter Location





Holiday Dreams

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Part 1 of my Holiday Pleasures…

It’s that time of the year again…celebrations with family and friends… traditions continued and new ones created. Always fun and sometimes exhausting but in a good way. As I ponder what lies in store for my holiday season my mind wanders… that evening of a fomal party. What will I wear? I fling open the closet doors ….. “maybe this… nooo wore that last year… ohhhh yes this is perfect”. The red stunner from Vero Modero certainly invokes Desire (Hint: that is the name of the gown) with the sexy straps and thigh high leg slit. Paired with the Chandrani jewelry set from Chop Zuey, anyone even me will be the Belle of the Ball.


But it’s so cold outside and even though I love the snow for the season, I wish it would just come for the holidays and then leave taking the cold termperatures away brining back the sun and warmth. Ohhhhh wait a minute, why not bring the sun and warmth to me. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.. I’ll take off to the islands for sun, sand and water. Bring in the New Year under the stars, palm trees and wam ocean breezes. No need to pack too much… though I always says that and 3 suitcases later…but anyway, I’ll be sure to pack my favorite swimsuit which just so happens to be from Vero Modero – the Leda suit in Tiger print with the perfect floppy hat.

And there it is… a perfect holiday vacation.

While you are shopping, do visit Vero Modero

Chop Zuey

Was it a Dream

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Part 2 of my holiday pleasures…..

A perfect holiday vacation or is it I mean was the holiday ball and beach vacation real or…. as I look out the window, eyes blinking and I realize no sadly it wasn’t real but just a dream. Instead I find myself baking holiday cookies and other scrumptious goodies. So here in my kitchen I’m slaving away with rolling pin in hand. But it’s something I love to do and share with family and friends.


Ok, why are you looking at me like that? Don’t you bake cookies wearing a spiked bra and sexy shorts with suspenders too? Well I certainly do especially since the outfit is a fabulous design from Vero Modero and Bouquet Babii called Black to Black. Along with the uber sexy spiked top is a bolero with fluffy shoulder accessories. Careful that you don’t get the metal spikes near the hot oven or things will get even hotter than the outfit.

While you are shopping, do visit Vero Modero